PROLAYER celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 6, 2019.

20th Anniversary

PROLAYER celebrated its 20th anniversary. When I recalled, it was an dot-com bubble period in the late 90’s when it was founded. There are strong investments in IT ventures worldwide, and many companies have flourished, and Yahoo!Japan, Softbank, Rakuten, etc. have been listed and have become large companies in Japan.Many IT venture companies that were born in the background of such times also disappeared after the 2008 Lehman shock.

Since our founding, PROLAYER have consistently worked on the development of customer’s business software, centering on contract development.The hardship is endless, but PROLAYER was able to survive as a company without much trouble, the customer who relied on the job in trust, the partner company who made up for the missing part of our company, sincerely Thanks to the employees who worked on the job.

We would like to return to the beginning and do our best to provide more customers with services that can deliver the best performance with the right investment, without forgetting our founding spirit by “SOFTWARE AND AUTOMATION”.

With gratitude
July 6, 2019
CEO Hiroyuki Morita