Reliable software development with 20 years of achievement and experience

A deep understanding of customer’s business by our own method

PROLAYER has worked on business software of various industries, and establishes procedures to understand your business from the experience.We can not develop business software without deeply understanding customer’s business.We help customers to accelerate business by realizing unified management and automation of information by utilizing software.

Propose the best way to introduce software

PROLAYER realizes customer’s necessary software in the best way, and flexibly proposes new developments from zero, commercial package, development using open source package etc. based on budget and scale.

Bridging the gap between customer and technology

Development of business software requires business knowledge and advanced computer knowledge.Software development aims at completion by mobilizing knowledge of a wide range of fields such as environment and security for software operation as well as programming.As the scale of development projects grows, management knowledge such as “process” “quality” “budget” “personnel allocation” becomes important.PROLAYER drops the necessary functions from the customer’s output into the software, and progresses the development project optimally.


Notice of summer holidays

Thank you very much for your special patronage. PROLAYER will be closed on the following dates during the summ …

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