Website Production

Website Production

About website production

PROLAYER uses CMS to create a website so that you can update the website yourself.If you have a website that doesn’t use many illustrations and images, CMS can save the initial cost and the monthly cost.

Highly proven CMS

PROLAYER has a track record of producing corporate sites, EC sites, and portal sites using CMS and packages.Among them, there is a lot of production results using WordPress, which is currently the most popular CMS in Japan. Originally WordPress is an open source CMS for managing blogs, but its scope of use is expanding by volunteers, and its application to business sites is also general.


WordPress is an open source blogging software. It is developed with PHP and uses MySQL as a database management system. It is often used as a CMS, not just a blog, and is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Templates and themes

All WordPress templates are created by PHP, so you can easily customize them if you know PHP and HTML to some extent. In most cases, templates are divided into header and sidebar sections, content sections, and footer sections, and one page is displayed in combination. In WordPress, a set of PHP templates and style sheets is called a theme, and many free themes are provided by third parties as well as the official site.


WordPress can add various functions as plug-ins, and many plug-ins have been developed from third parties. Plugins can be developed with PHP.

Major features

  • Dynamic page generation with PHP
  • Templates attached as standard conform to web standards
  • Supports multiple category settings for articles
  • Customizable search engine friendly URL
  • Simple design switching by theme
  • Plugin extensions
  • Edit entry by WYSIWYG
  • Permalink URL creation by post slug

Production example

  • Semiconductor inspection equipment manufacturer
  • Responsive (PC, tablet, smartphone compatible)
  • Multilingual Site (Japanese / English)

  • Co-working space
  • Responsive (PC, tablet, smartphone compatible)

  • Local town revitalization site
  • Responsive (PC, tablet, smartphone compatible)
  • Event reservation function (plugin)