IT Infrastructure Construction and Operation

IT Infrastructure

PROLAYER provides integrated IT infrastructure construction and operation services including network and server applications as well as server clouding.

AWS integration service

AWS construction example

PROLAYER proposes an AWS (Amazon Web Service) implementation plan optimized for your business. Using AWS’s monitoring and management functions, our engineers can operate a secure IT infrastructure while minimizing the cost burden on customers. You can operate a stable information system without the need for specialized personnel in your company.

Server construction and operation

PROLAYER is responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining and operating server systems based on UNIX / Linux OS. We build servers at low cost using open source. Please let us also do the construction work on the rental server for which the customer has already contracted.

Open Source Software

Server configuration example

OS Linux
Server HTTP(Apache, Tomcat), POP(Qmail), SMTP(Qmail), IMAP(Courier-IMAP), DNS(Bind), SSH(OpenSSH), etc.
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL
Programing Language PHP, Java, C++, Shell Script, etc.

Client PC, tablet, smartphone operation support


 PROLAYER supports the operation of the customer’s in-house terminal by help desk, remote support (PC only), etc. Spot on-site support is also possible. The OS of the device is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc.

Internal network maintenance


PROLAYER offers one-stop Internet access, routers, WiFi settings, etc. for in-house or in-store networks that have been optimized over the years. Since security is considered in the form of use, an environment that can be used safely and stably can be realized.