Privacy Policy

Concept of protection of personal information

We operate the information service industry and handle various kinds of information including our technical information and information you keep from customers in its activities.For this reason, we have made efforts to establish and thoroughly implement an information management system in order to respect these information values.

Based on such circumstances, the Company has established the “Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information”, the “Personal Information Protection Management System – Requirements (JIS Q 15001)”, the law concerning the handling of personal information, the guidelines specified by the government We establish our personal information protection management system based on the establishment of rules and the establishment of management system according to norms etc and establish the following personal information protection policy and publicize it to employees and in accordance with this policy personal information We will endeavor to protect you properly.

Privacy Policy

Prohibition of acquisition, use, provision and use of personal information

In consideration of taking charge of the information service industry and keeping personal information in its activities, we have established a management system for personal information protection according to the respective actual business conditions, We will handle it appropriately according to prescribed rules for use and provision. Also, we will prohibit non-purpose use and take measures for that purpose.

About the consignment of handling of personal information

In the case of entrusting all or part of the handling of personal information acquired by the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph, we will select persons who satisfy adequate protection level and take appropriate measures through contract etc.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws concerning the handling of personal information, guidelines established by the country and other norms. In addition, we will conform our company’s personal information management rules to these laws, guidelines and other norms.

Implementation of safety measures and corrective measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, in accordance with the rules concerning information security, we will take measures to manage access to personal information, restrict the means to bring personal information out and prevent unauthorized access from the outside We will endeavor to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information.In addition, we will identify the cause and take corrective measures if safety problems are confirmed.

Respect for personal information concerning personal information

When we are requested to disclose, correct or delete information concerning personal information, or to refuse to use or provide, or when we receive complaints and consultation requests, we respect the right of the individual concerning personal information, We will respond in good faith.

Formulation, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of personal information protection management system

We have established a personal information protection management system for directing officers and employees to recognize the importance of protecting personal information, properly using and protecting personal information, steadily implement and maintain this, and We will continue to improve.

August 1,2012
CEO Hiroyuki Morita