Mobile Application Development

Mbile Application

A mobile device equipped with a communication and call function equipped with an OS (Operating System) such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android is called a smartphone. PROLAYER develops mobile applications for use on these smartphones.

What is a mobile application?

Users can install mobile applications on their smartphones and add necessary functions. PCs have higher performance than smartphones, but they have drawbacks such as “impossible to carry” and “difficult to use the Internet while moving”. Smartphones have become widely used in the private and business scenes because of the convenience that users can choose from anywhere and immediately use the same functions as PCs by installing mobile applications.

About Mobile Application Development

It is necessary to identify the limitation by limiting the model of the smartphone to be compatible with the development of the mobile application. Smartphones are powered by batteries, and the implemented processor is less capable than PCs, but instead they are equipped with features not found on PCs, such as GPS and gyro sensors. And development may need to be changed for each screen size, hardware, and platform. It is easy to grasp the model and restrictions in general about the iPhone and iPad etc. which are equipped with Apple’s iOS. However, since smartphones equipped with Google’s Android are supplied with a wide variety of devices from many manufacturers, the development effort tends to increase compared to iOS.

Based on these circumstances, PROLAYER is developing mobile applications that satisfy customers.

Development example

Development Enviroment

Platform Environment(OS) Language
Apple iOS Xcode
(MacOS X)
Objective-C, HTML5
Google Android Android Studio
(Windows, MacOS X, Linux)
Android Java, HTML5

Development track record

No. Title Overview Environment
1 Vocabulary learning
Japanese vocabulary learning Java, Objective-C
2 New year’s card
Lay out backgrounds, images and texts and create a New Year’s card Java
3 Job hunting business card
Create an electronic business card and exchange it with friends Java, Objective-C
4 OpenERP Mobile
Complement and expand the function of OpenERP Java, Objective-C, Visual C#
5 Horoscope
Amarugihisui horoscope culmination Java
6 Photo processor
Photo processor Java
7 Questionnaire
Questionnaire app for iPad HTML5
8 New feature introduction
content application
Introduction of new functions of broadcasting system HTML5