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About Core business system development

Generally, computer system development is said to be labor intensive.Software is created using human knowledge, experience, and effort using a computer. The development cost is determined by how many people and how long it takes to build the software.

Development period and effort

Development time and effort

Typical development time and effort in the waterfall development model is as shown in the graph. The peak number of people will be “programming” and “testing” for downstream processes, as the required capacity and personnel will differ depending on each process.

Man-hours cut costs near peak

Pro Layer organizes a hybrid team in which development projects are conducted by a domestic team in charge of upstream processing (requirement definition, external design, internal design) and an overseas team in charge of downstream processing (programming and testing). In this way, cost savings can be realized by carrying out programming and testing at the peak of man-hours at low labor costs overseas.

Development example

Development approach

Pro Layer responds to customer requests with high quality and on time delivery based on 20 years of software development experience.

  • Program planning and design based on software development experience in various industries
  • Development on any computer platform, development language
  • Achieving high quality with emphasis on design review and test processes
  • Proper delivery time by optimization of specifications and processes
  • Cost reduction using open source


We develop software in various computer languages ​​and platforms, and we can meet the various needs of our customers by many our achievements and experiences.

HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, C/C++, COBOL, Visual Studio, Java JSP/Servlet, PHP, Perl, Flash etc.
Databases Oracle, SQL SERVER, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SqlLite, FileMaker etc.
WindowsNT/2000/Xp/Vista/7, Windows Server2000/2003/2008, OS/2, RedHat, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Solaris, TurboLinux, Amazon Linux

Flexible contract for each project

We perform consulting from the planning and planning stages and accept the requirements definition for software implementation.We can provide flexible software development services with contract options.

  1. Development contract
  2. If the specification is clear, we will accept it by proposal and quotation.

  3. Semi-delegation contract (System Engineering Service)
  4. If the specifications are undecided, staffing will be carried out until the finalization, or if the necessary personnel are included in the customer’s project, we will settle by the personnel unit price.

  5. Semi-delegation contract + Development contract
  6. Once the specifications are finalized, we will accept the proposal and quotation.

Development track record

No. Title Overview Language etc.
1 Sales management system Purchasing, inventory and sales management of measuring equipment manufacturers JaveServlet, DB2, Websphere
2 Radio and TV CM frame sales management system Sales management of advertising agency CM frame Swing, Java Servlet
3 Online stock exchange site Online brokerage stock trading site Java Servlet, Java Applet
4 Credit card authorization system Credit card company settlement authorization processing program improvement Java Servlet
5 Electronic delivery management system Management of electronic products delivered by the general contractor to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Java Servlet, XML
6 Construction photo management system Manage construction photos taken when the general contractor constructed PHP, MySQL
7 Teaching material management program Application to manage the teaching materials used in elementary and junior high schools Visual, Access
8 Airport Facility Maintenance System Records management of slope and sink condition of concrete board laid in airport parking area in conjunction with GIS Visual, SQLServer, GIS Engine
9 Ministry of Defense technical document management system Share and manage documents such as specifications of SDF equipment with external affiliates Java Servlet, Symfoware
10 Airport facility inspection management tablet terminal program A program that links inspection results of the sea runway to GIS and records implementation / inspection results Visual Basic .net
11 Semiconductor inspection system post processor Data mining system for multivariate data output from semiconductor inspection equipment Visual C#, SQLServer
12 Semiconductor inspection system control program Program for processing setting and execution of semiconductor inspection system Visual C++
13 Clinical research certification management system Applicants for clinical research accreditation can apply for a prescribed seminar, etc., and can take confirmation exams after attending, and the administrator manages the participants PHP, MySQL
14 Vehicle failure diagnostic system User management of diagnostic equipment that can be used simultaneously by three companies with different authority Java Servlet, Oracle
15 User certificate issuing system Issue certificates for access to other systems only for specific users to improve security and restrict access PHP, MySQL
16 Breast cancer site Manage exam content and candidates to improve knowledge about breast cancer PHP, MySQL
17 Investigational drug management system Manage investigational drug, subject, person in charge (doctor) PHP, MySQL
18 Classrooms management system Manage classroom information such as teachers, students and classes PHP, MySQL
19 Online Storage Corporate dedicated online storage Java Servlet, XML
20 Forwarder business system Forwarder logistics management by cargo transportation at domestic airline group companies PHP, MySQL